4th quarter blues? Keep your team motivated through year’s end

It’s easy to feel like you’re nearing the finish line, to get to that point of the year when the team seems ready to throw in the towel. The holidays are here, and it’s been a long and productive year.  You have hit your peak and now?  You’ve hit a wall. Those last couple of months of the year are some of the most challenging but can also be some of the most rewarding for your business.

In the workplace, it takes more than just hard work to get through those 4th quarter blues.  Games are won or lost in the 4th quarter, and it is important for your team to have a game plan and the right approach to close out the year on a high note. It all starts with empathetic leadership.

For a successful 4th quarter, empathetic leadership is paramount. Employees want to know that their supervisors value their time at the end of the year and care about their well-being, not just the work they produce. Start meetings with upbeat messaging, set up one-on-ones to connect with your team about their end of year goals and their plans for the holidays. Words of encouragement and praise can be the difference between a won or lost game.

Don’t get caught up in the end-of-year celebrations. Recognize the everyday effort of your employees leading up to the holidays. 79% of employees cite a lack of appreciation as a main reason for leaving a job.

Communicate with your team about a 4th quarter plan. There may be a team goal, but personal goals should be enacted as well. They don’t have to be anything grand but having year-end goals helps individuals to look forward to the end of the year instead of dredging through it. Consider asking these questions of your team:

  • What will your 4th quarter look like on a day-to-day basis?
  • How about a week-to-week basis?
  • What tools do you need to reach your goal(s)?
  • How can I as your supervisor help you to meet those goals?

Lastly, collaboration is the final tool for a year-end win. Collaborate on a project together or even throw out a few ideas to stimulate creativity in the workplace. The end of the year is a time for giving and gratitude. Motivating your coworkers is a great way to practice those things and it is great for business overall.

The reality is there is no real finish line.  Business doesn’t stop on December 31 so any newfound emphasis on details related to positivity, collaboration, and success will help prepare you for going into the new year.

Finishing the 4th quarter can have many outcomes, it’s in the approach to leadership that the game is won or lost.