Getting my BAERINGs in Agency Life

There were a few things I learned right off the bat during my internship with BAERING: ask questions, voice my ideas, and take initiative to learn more about the things I am passionate about. Being mindful of these ideas helped me to show up as my best self every day. I have been exposed to many different experiences: podcast workshops, social media for a variety of clients, curating marketing content- and a first-hand look into how an agency handles a worldwide crisis.

At BAERING, I have been included in a team who values me, educates me, and genuinely wants to prepare me with diverse experiences during my time here. At the beginning of my internship, increasing education, exposure, and experience were my main objectives. I received that and so much more.

When I first applied for the internship, I didn’t expect much. When I was invited in for an interview, I expected to see people lined up anxiously. Imagine my surprise when my interview included a tour around the office and an introduction to the entire BAERING team. I learned two things: first, on Wednesdays, we may or may not wear pink, but we do eat bagels- with extra cream cheese if you say please. Second, as long as you show up to work with a smile and a positive attitude, you’ll fit right in- I promise.

On my first day, I met the other interns I’d be working alongside for the semester. Our nerves subsided when we found out we were all there for the same reasons: to learn- and to have a little fun. It helped that we were all positive, outgoing, and loved to laugh. The first day also brought about a serious game of cards at lunch time- typical? I think not. After just one day, I felt the laid-back environment and dedicated team were confirmation that I was where I should be. I couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the semester had in store.

One of the most important things I learned is the importance of being adaptable. In times of crisis, time is a luxury not everyone can afford. And BAERING wasted no time at all. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have seen the team pivot efficiently and seamlessly after suddenly being thrown into a remote environment. The team held virtual meetings, moved to an online project management space, and took technological challenges head on, all while navigating the newness of a drastic change that impacted everyone around the world differently. I watched the team lead by example in the world of public relations.

Despite the unprecedented challenge in the middle of my time at BAERING, I’ve still managed to learn new skills, different software, and I now have more insight into the world of agencies. I also recognize how fast everything can shift as a result of the constant churn of current events. I am grateful I was able to observe BAERING in the midst of this unprecedented historical crisis.

Quite frankly, BAERING was not what I expected agency work to be. I expected independent work with urgent deadlines. But that couldn’t be any further from my experience. Instead I found enthusiasm, interdependence, and a refreshing variety in the work for clients. The team is full of genuine people that I hope to continue to learn from. Throughout my internship, I have been presented with new opportunities and objectives daily. Most of all, I recognized the importance of cohesiveness within a team in the workplace.

The team is collaborative and open-minded, and everyone brings different strengths to the table. They truly embrace their values in each and every way. They are bold in ideation and execution, they are curious and view challenges as opportunities to perform, and the team is human, consistently creating genuine and authentic relationships with their clients. The sense of community is one that you can’t help but want to be a part of. Everyone’s contributions are valued by both the team members and clients. It was exactly what I came here to do: learn- and have a little fun.

In my time at BAERING, I have built a strong foundation in my public relations skills, my professional development, and had authentic real-world experiences in an agency. Being a new, young professional, I have become more confident in my abilities, more intentional in my contributions, and more self-aware of what I bring to the table. These are all things that cannot be taught but have to be realized. And I have BAERING to thank for that. As I close the book on my college career, and step into my scary, new normal, I am not only excited, but extremely confident in my ability to gain more insight into the world of communication.


By Daeja Woodard

BAERING Intern, Spring 2020