A Reflection on my Internship at BAERING

Internships are a fundamental step in building a professional career. Despite success in various college courses, most knowledge and true understanding derives from real-life experience through authentic exposure and application. My internship at BAERING allowed me to apply my learned skills and concepts to a professional work environment, and it gave me the opportunity to advance my expertise through the daily operations of a reputable public relations firm. As I reflect on my summer as a BAERING intern, I’ve been able to recognize a few highlights which made my internship valuable:

1. Variety

From agriculture to real estate to non-profit organizations, BAERING’s variety of clients provides experience within a wide range of industries. By working with different clients, I’ve expanded my communication capabilities, as well as in professional insight on clients’ given specialties. The variety of clients keeps work interesting, as I’m frequently assigned different tasks with new information learned every day.

2. Opportunity

The BAERING team is passionate about accommodating interns’ professional goals and developments. Upon being hired, the team took note of each intern’s skills and interests to ensure the work we received would align with our objectives. Whether it’s social media content creation or pitch writing, there were flexible opportunities to participate in various tasks and projects. Diversity of responsibilities was another advantage that greatly benefited our growth and professional development as public relations interns.

3. Accessibility

Along with the freedom of remote work comes the difficulties of virtual communication. Working from home as an intern can be particularly challenging without direct in-person interaction and support, but the structure and organization of BAERING’s remote work model made it far more manageable. Team members are very responsive to messages and always willing to hop on quick calls to provide any assistance needed. Although I worked from my house, I never felt alone due to the constant communication between interns and staff.

4. Inclusion

As I previously mentioned, most knowledge and skill derive from exposure to real-life experience. BAERING values the inclusion of interns within the company’s everyday functions, including meetings, projects and client communication. My involvement in the work produced by BAERING is one of the most valuable outcomes of my internship, and it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the public relations industry.

5. Support

Our growth and success as interns can be credited to the optimism, encouragement and support from the entire team. Each highlight mentioned above was achieved from the genuine care and mentorship of the BAERING staff and their dedication to making our experience valuable. If we ever had questions, concerns, or a lack of experience with a certain topic, the staff was always happy to help us learn through skills sessions and general assistance. There are many components which make an internship successful, but it’s not possible to succeed without strong leadership and support. I’m very thankful for the connections I’ve made at BAERING and the opportunities they’ve given me to advance my career in public relations!