Celebrate Employees … Your Most Valuable Asset

National Employee Appreciation Day was celebrated earlier this month, with a focus on recognizing employees’ achievements and contributions. Here at BAERING, we believe employees should be recognized throughout the year as they’re most businesses’ most valuable asset.

Surveys have shown that 69% of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized. Rather than waiting for quarterly or annual employee reviews, make an effort to recognize your employees’ achievements right when they happen.

Recognition comes in many forms. The following list outlines a few ways to appreciate your employees in unique and effective ways.

Words of Affirmation

Verbal acknowledgement of daily efforts can serve as a significant motivator, which can be easy to forget. Instilling a traditional culture of employee recognition can be as easy as responding to projects or daily tasks done well with praise. Phrases as simple as, “Thanks for getting that report to me early. It looks great!” or “I noticed you put in extra effort on this project, and the client loved it! Thanks for giving 110%!” A quick, positive response shows appreciation for your employees’ efforts and leaves them with the knowledge that their work matters.

Employee Engagement

It’s essential for employees to feel like more than just a person behind the computer screen. They’re human, and an integral part of the company – and they should feel as such. By scheduling company socials or even weekly conversations that don’t involve work, employees will feel valued and more connected to their coworkers and bosses. This open dialogue fosters more personal relationships, making it easier for employees to come to their colleagues when in need.

Company Social

It’s no secret that rewarding your employees with social events is a great way to build internal connections and recognize workers for their efforts. With the COVID-19 pandemic, understandably, in-person socials decreased for the protection of all employees. As the number of cases drop and mandates lift, it’s a great time to engage in fun activities as a group. Take the opportunity to complete team-building exercises while still being social, like escape rooms, community service projects, scavenger hunts, or even bowling. Instilling these practices as the norm will create a team bond that will have your employees excited to come to work.

Answer Your Employees’ Needs

Be sure to provide your employees with all the resources they need to succeed. Do they work better with a desk planner? Purchase one for them. Are they interested in attending a professional development session? Set it up for them. Providing employees with resources shows you’re committed to their professional growth, and you’re here to help them succeed. These may seem like small tasks, but they’re easy to forget.

It’s easy to fall into a routine of expecting your employees to perform without affirmation. Recognition is so important in the workplace, but many forget it can be done in different ways. Try to appreciate your employees more this year, for both small and large accomplishments. And you’ll see a positive change in your company culture.