Creating Vibrant Atmosphere Can Help Employees Really Deliver in Fourth Quarter

Any good sports fan knows how essential the final quarter is for the outcome of a close game. Strategically placing the right players in the right positions throughout the game will determine if you have a well-rested team with the stamina to deliver when it really counts.

As we enter the fourth quarter of the business year, it’s important to be sure your team members are in the right mindset to deliver for your company during this time that can make or break your annual goals.

The pandemic continues to take a toll on employees’ mental health, so opportunities for team bonding, employee recognition, and improved office atmosphere could be defining factors that differentiate between a “blah” fourth quarter or one that’s over the top.

Below are a few fun, virtual and in-person ideas that can help boost your team’s mood:

  • Volunteer Together: The pandemic has affected communities in various ways. Organizing a virtual food or funds drive, collecting items for shelters that are accepting donations, or finding in-person volunteer opportunities – if your team is comfortable – are excellent ways to bring your team closer to each other and the community.
  • Host a Virtual Paint n’ Sip: Contact your local paint n’ sip studio to check into getting your team some virtual painting kits. With classes taught over Zoom, this is a fun way to get creative and have a laugh while producing memorable keepsakes for you and your team,
  • Go to an Adventure Course: Ropes courses are filled with lots of fun outdoor adventures. With team-building elements, this activity can help you see the leadership qualities of your team outside the office that can be cultivated to enhance your team environment.
  • Rent a Scooter/Bike (or walk) and Take a Tour: Another cool, outdoor activity would be to rent scooters or bikes and take a tour of your city or a neighboring town. Check out some awesome scenery while learning more about your community.
  • Host a Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner: Send your team dinner (or a gift card) and solve a mystery together. Check online to see what options are available or assign your team roles and create your own.
  • Host an Office Awards Party: We all love to see our name in lights, so why not host an office awards party? Recognizing your employees for their individual or team contributions can encourage them to keep up the great work. Whether it’s an award for someone who has surpassed a team goal or a superlative for the person who makes everyone’s day brighter, adding those with a few gift cards or some cool prizes goes the extra mile to recognize your teams’ hard work.


Of course, there are many ways to get creative and bring a vibrant atmosphere to the office once again. Finding purposeful, unique activities can help strike creative inspiration and cultivate big ideas. Plus, it will uncover team members’ unique traits and strengths you may not have discovered otherwise.

Now, go get ready for that big fourth quarter.