Creativity Can Go A Long Way

For the second segment of our BAERING Birthday series, we interviewed our graphic designer, Miles Clark, for his perspective on the creative transformation of our brand. Miles led the design of our logo, our colors, and our graphics. Keep reading to discover how a little creativity can go a long way…
Miles, Graphic DesignerHow has the brand evolved creatively?

It’s been interesting to live through the branding experience under our own roof. When we develop a brand for our clients, we are often not the ones who implement it. Owning the implementation of our brand has required us to make some changes based on use, and what we want to present externally. For example, our original logo color was acid lime. But over the past year, our client LCI has taught us more about accessibility within the blind and visually impaired community. Colors with high contrast create a harsh visual for those who are blind or visually impaired. Now, when we design things, we tend to be more aware of contrast and present our navy rather than the lime. We are constantly learning and evolving our brand for our community.

How has the brand helped us achieve our goals this year?

The goal of our rebrand was to create something that was reflective of our capabilities as an agency – we don’t just do public relations. Our larger rebrand projects with Sepi, Raleigh Chamber, and LCI, would not have had the same success if we had stayed who we were in the past. We have always been story tellers, but we want to continue to tell stories in a variety of different ways. One of those is sharing stories through a rebrand.

Over the past year, how has the brand changed how we approach work in general?

When you create brand values or a brand promise, it is an aspirational goal. One analyzes their current state and determines what they want their future to look like. Our values: be bold, be curious, be human, reflect who we wanted to be as a result of our rebrand. We have now grown to represent that promise. We always want to bring more ideas to the table. We will continue to be curious and we will certainly continue to learn. We will continue to be human, understanding the needs of our clients, and knowing how our work impacts the people of our community