Cutting Through the Noise: A Case Study in Media Relations

Client: UpgradedPoints

The travel industry is one of the most cut-throat and high-paced industries there is. Whether you’re an airline competing for passengers, a hotel hoping to increase nightly occupancy, or a travel site with a unique value proposition (UVP) to set you apart from the rest, the competition is sky high.

When COVID-19 hit in March and halted travel across the globe and decimated the industry, the news cycle became nearly impossible to crack with anything that wasn’t COVID related. So, when UpgradedPoints, a travel site dedicated to teaching its readers how to make the most of their reward points and miles, needed to make sure their name was front and center, BAERING put together a plan to cut through the noise and secure hits with some of the most prestigious outlets in the travel industry and beyond.

Pitch Ideation

UpgradedPoints prides itself on putting together in-depth, well researched articles that will provide great value to its audience. The wealth of data and information they have is certainly their UVP, and we began by combing through their stories for key pieces of data and identified several topics that were relevant and valuable in the current environment.

The Right Fit

Once we pinpointed the stories we felt strongly about, we compiled a list of target media outlets and reporters. There was no outlet too big or too small, it was only important that the information we had would be a value add to their audience and it was a relevant topic to the writer. For example – when securing the story with Travel+Leisure, we made sure to find a journalist who had previously covered maximizing reward points, not just anyone who wrote for the outlet. By taking this extra step, we knew the pitch was going to someone who had both knowledge and interest in the topic.

Crafting the Pitch

With the media world seemingly hyper-focused on only one thing – COVID-19 – it was more important than ever to craft not only the perfect pitch, but the perfect subject line. Reporters get hundreds of pitches a day, so the subject line is your first impression and your chance to stand out from the crowd. BAERING believes that the subject line and the first seven words of your pitch are the most important – your billboard, if you will. If you can’t grab the reporter’s attention by the end of the first seven words, they’re lost forever. We lead with jaw dropping statistics and then followed up with the research to support those stats, we made the importance to the media outlet’s audience abundantly clear, and closed with a strong call to action.

Keeping it Simple

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all of us. We never knew what the person on the other end of the phone or email was going through, so we did everything we could to make their lives easier. Did they want to do an interview via phone or email? Was there more information on a specific statistic we could provide for them? Were there visual assets we could provide for the story? Whatever they needed, we made sure we went above and beyond to make it happen and our results showed that our approach worked.


From March 23-May 12 – the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – BAERING was able to secure 15+ stories with outlets ranging from daily newspapers to international publications including:

Potential Reach: >90,000,000

Ad Value Equivalency: >$9,000,000*

* Formula = Website’s Unique Viewers per Month (UVM) x .25 (estimated number of viewers who click on the article on the website) x .37 (industry standard dollar amount per article)

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