Happy Birthday To…. Us!

BAERING is celebrating the second birthday of our rebranded organization! For two years, we have lived and breathed – and been challenged- by our brand as it evolves. To give you a peek behind the curtain, we have asked a few colleagues at BAERING how our brand has impacted their work and changed our organization over the course of the past year. The first blog in our series features our president, Erin Smith.

Erin, President

Over the past year, how has the brand affected how you lead the BAERING team?

Our rebrand allowed us to externalize our values to align with who we are as a company. Our values helped create messaging that was truer to who we are, and better represent our value to our clients.

Personally, our rebrand has helped me ensure that I am inspiring our staff and leading the company down a path that rings true with our values. We came from a brand that was specifically tied to the owner. We have now created a brand that defines who we are as a whole, rather than one single leader. This brand resonates with the core of who we all are as people, singularly and as a collective. Having a brand that is so closely tied to who we are and what we do has helped me create the best environment for our team to deliver the highest quality client work possible.

Which part of the BAERING brand impacts our work the most?

Our standards are what we live and breathe by. No matter the color, or logo format, or a certain font we use, our standards as a company do not change. They are instrumental in our everyday. Our standards are the core and the root of our brand’s foundation. Everything stems from that. We made sure our brand reflected the standard: we are all in this together. On a ship, a captain cannot sail alone. Everyone has to pull their weight, or the ship goes down.

 How do you expect BAERING to evolve within the next year?

 Our brand is one that represents transparency, truth, honesty, and integrity. While those may be buzz words for some, we commit to those values every single day. We pride ourselves on being a good company and doing the right thing. We have faith that good people flock to good people. That will allow us to naturally continue to grow in the space we have carved out for ourselves as a unique model, and work with great clients who value the work that we do for them everyday.


Our previous brand had a lot of equity in the community. It was scary to divert from that, and we were unsure how it would be received. It was a hard journey we did not enter into lightly. We knew that we needed to make sure that everyone understood that we were different. If our brand didn’t match who we were as a company, then it was fundamentally holding us back. That’s how we knew it was time for a change. In the end, changing our name changed who we were to others, but changing our name was only the beginning. Changing our name finally embodied who we were and allowed the community to understand who we had always been and leave any preconceived notions in the past. The success we’ve seen has been rewarding tenfold.


…Stay tuned for the next part of our series, featuring a behind the scenes look with our graphic designer.