Making an Impression with your Personal Brand

When we think of branding, we often associate the idea with a business or a celebrity. BAERING is in the business of branding. We help businesses communicate their story through their brand by creating a brand strategy, visual identity, website design and even the brand rollout.

But what about personal branding? The strategies may remain the same, but the biggest difference is the brand is all about you.

So why is creating a personal brand important? Because your brand tells people exactly who YOU are and how you want them to view you. When applying to jobs, more often than not people review your resume, your social media posts and Google your name in order to develop an understanding, or their opinion, about who you are and what you stand for.

Cultivating a personal brand lets you introduce yourself and create a memorable first impression before you even walk in the door. However, your brand extends beyond a job interview. It is about helping you continue your success in all aspects of your career. If you want to be featured on a podcast or a panel, people are also going take a deep dive into your online reputation, AKA your brand. Your personal brand not only shares why you are the person, but also exemplifies the strategy and work you have put into building your brand.

Your brand is centered around your passion, it consists of your aesthetically pleasing profile photos, posts and even the summary on your LinkedIn profile. All of these contribute to how the world sees you and play an integral part of curating your brand. Let’s review several tips to get your personal brand started:

Turn your passion into a focus

What sets you apart? Before you can even begin to tell your story, you have to determine what your passionate about and how to message it across your platforms. If you’re passionate about public relations, what specifically do you have to offer?

Public relations has many facets to it, just like any other industry, which is why it is significant to highlight which area you’re passionate about. Are you the expert in social media, community relations or crisis management, something else? Choosing to focus on what is most important to you and centering your brand around it showcases what you have to offer.

Define your voice

When writing a resume, we highlight our skill sets and strategically match words to the job we are applying for – creating your voice is done in the exact same way.

The voice of your brand represents you, your personality and characteristics. If you are witty or charismatic, this should be evident throughout your brand. To take it a step further, what are various adjectives your coworkers, friends and family would use to describe you? Some words that come to mind could be creative, professional, honest, determined or funny.

Keeping these words in mind when writing a LinkedIn post or posting a photo on Instagram will help you create content that reflects your voice.

Tell your story

Personal branding is all about telling YOUR story – how you got to where you are and where you want to go from here. After defining your voice and narrowing your focus, you have to determine on how you will shape your narrative.

Before you begin creating content, review your previous social media presence and be positive it reflects the person you want to be moving forward. If it is the community relations media expert, then find different ways to illustrate how you do this, perhaps you volunteer on your own time in your community or serve on a board outside of your current role.

Showcase your previous work on your LinkedIn page, regularly create content and post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all centered on your passion and with your own voice. By doing so, you are telling the world this is what I am great at and I want to share with you!

Live your brand

You’ve narrowed down your focus, created a genuine and specific voice and started posting away – now what?

Living your brand is about marketing yourself. Continue to integrate your brand throughout your different mediums and put in effort. Your personal brand is for the long run and will not only help you succeed professionally, but also personally!

When you walk out of a room or I finish listening to you on a podcast, what do you want me to say about you? The answer to that question is the start of your brand.