Meet Our Fall Intern: Ashley Hiester

As an intern, I pictured my role as being the “Chief Coffee-Getter,” the “President of Paper Filing” or the “Busy- work Executive.” I thought that I would be in the background, taking lunch orders, observing from afar. I anticipated being an eager plant, ready to grow, collecting dust in the corner. However, at BAERING, this was not the case. I received plenty of water and sunlight, and gained real, hands-on experience, practicing the balancing act that is public relations.

During my time here, I have been included in various internal meetings where the leaders of the company took the time to explain to me – a mere intern – the fundamentals of the company and this career path. My favorite tasks have been researching social strategy and creating social media posts for different clients. I have designed infographics for a variety of organizations, ranging from maintaining a perfect garden to best care practices for animals. (And let’s be real, who doesn’t want an excuse to research pictures of puppies?) I even had the opportunity to write press releases distributed to local media in the Triangle. With a minor in Arts and Entrepreneurship, I really appreciated the opportunities to use my creative abilities to tell stories and make visuals that illustrate messages our clients want to portray. Having the opportunity to receive constructive feedback has helped me develop my story-telling abilities and instill a stronger confidence in my writing. BAERING has prepared me to take on the world. Just kidding. But it has prepared me to face my next challenge with confidence.

In the PR world, communication is the core of the profession. The internal communication is what sets BAERING apart from other agencies. Every team member is not only collaborating with clients, but also with each other. The energy is truly inspiring. Everyone is always positive and encouraging of even the most “out-there” ideas.  The quality of work here is noticeably higher because the BAERING team shares a passion for not only excellence, but for each other.

I have had the privilege of working at BAERING for a few months now, and I have already gained skills that I will carry into the rest of my career. As I finish my time at NC State, I will remember the lessons I have learned, here at BAERING. I will remember the importance of meeting people where they are, to truly understand and cater to their needs. I will also never forget the whole office threatening my recommendation letters if I forgot to bring my famous mac & cheese to the Halloween potluck. (Only kidding. I think.) I will remember the difference it makes when you work with people who love what they do. Spending time at this organization has opened my eyes to the reality that helping people achieve their goals is the most rewarding part of this job. This internship has shown me that my career path has the potential to bridge building relationships with diverse groups of people and utilizing creative strategy to help others succeed.



Ashley is a senior at NC State University, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, and a minor in Arts and Entrepreneurship and French. Ashley recently studied abroad in Lille, France. Ashley sings more than she talks- which is a lot. She is also really good at making dad jokes.