My Quarantine Redecoration Project

What better time to redecorate than when you’re stuck in the house for hours on end?

But how do you choose what art to display? What furniture to purchase? Or which wall the couch should go on?

Start by setting goals.

Determine what you want to be able to do and how you want to feel in the new space.

I had three goals for my redecoration project.

  1. Inject my style and personality into the space
  2. Maximize floor space so I could stretch and workout
  3. Create more options for storage

The second and third goals were simple. I sketched out my apartment layout on a notepad and drew a few different furniture configurations to determine what would work before I actually moved the furniture around. Once I finally settled on a layout that I thought would work, I moved the furniture into place and ordered a few items from Ikea to help with storage.

While I was waiting on the furniture to arrive, I did some intense spring cleaning. I put all my belongings in a large pile on my living room floor and Marie Kondo’d everything, pairing it down to the objects that truly made me happy.

Once all the furniture was assembled and put into place, I focused on my main goal of injecting my personality into the space.

I always had a desire to display art in my apartment, but I didn’t want to display something just because it looked pretty, it needed to mean something to me or about me.

Over the past year, I just so happen to collect art from friends and family and now was the time to finally hang those pieces. I still had one wall that was lacking art, so I ended up creating a poster series that tied into my black and white palette and represented my interest.

For decor items, I wanted to find subtle ways to display items I’d collected from crazy outings with friends or sentimental items. For me, this meant displaying the soju bottles we drank the night we achieved our black belts together as well as the signed softball from my first season of coaching softball. The storage wall turned out to be the perfect place. I curated the items I wanted to display and put the rest in storage. I intentionally placed every item each time so different items could be spotted from various areas of the apartment.

The last item I purchased, I agonized over the most. I really wanted a rug to help define with space and bring in a little more color, even if that color was black. I knew the material had to be cat friendly and durable, but I wasn’t sure what the pattern should be. Plain simple rugs just weren’t my style and geometric patterns weren’t unique enough. It had to mean something to me just like all the other items that were on display – which is why I decided to purchase a black and white patterned rug featuring the Playstation symbols (since I love gaming).

During this process, I learned to not be afraid to show your personality even if it may seem a little childish or outside the norm. I also learned that if something isn’t bringing you happiness, get rid of it, regardless of who gave it to you or it’s expense.

If you’re thinking of redecorating, remember that sentimental items make great decor, just be intentional in their placement and to curate the items.