Our Brand Values Define Our Business

Our third and final BAERING Birthday blog is from the perspective of Jeanne Harmor, one of our senior account executives. Jeanne had the opportunity to see BAERING transform throughout the rebrand, and continues to see us evolve as an organization. She works closely with our clients and everyone on the BAERING team. Keep reading to find out her take on BAERING’s rebrand anniversary…

Jeanne, Senior Account Executive

 How has the rebrand allowed us to have deeper relationships with our clients?

We infuse our brand into everything we do for our clients. In our day to day, it guides how we work with our clients and how we approach our work. Every interaction is through the lens of our values.

Our rebrand didn’t necessarily change how we value client partnerships – we’ve always been a client-first organization – but it did allow our clients to understand the depths of our expertise. They know that we understand and can impact the full ecosystem of their marketing needs. We have always made the best choice for our clients, but now they understand the full value we can offer them and we can engage on a deeper level than before.

What benefits have clients seen from the rebrand?

 I think, from a service perspective, our clients are benefitting from the ability to work with us for all of their marketing needs rather than needing to employ a roster of agencies to get the job done. We can do it all – or at the very least, figure out the right partnerships to getting it done. Clients appreciate the efficiencies that come with that.

The way we work with clients hasn’t changed. We always focus on the “why” behind everything we do, which allows us to be good stewards of their budget and their goals. We proactively look into the future to anticipate their needs, and are the strategic voice for their brand. We are purpose-oriented with a humanistic approach – at the end of the day, we’re treating our clients the way we would want to be treated.

How does BAERING define client relations?

We don’t consider our clients customers; we consider them partners. We like to dig in deep to really understand what they need and provide a solution, rather than work from a standard list of deliverables. We don’t believe in an “approach in a box” model. We want to ensure we are being a strategic partner for our clients and help them with the challenges they face across their organization, not just in their marketing function. Client relations isn’t a line item for us – it’s a way of doing business, and we pride ourselves on our ability to be a partner that our clients come to time and time again because they trust us to not only do what moves the needle for their business, but operate with integrity while we do it.