Campbell Law School

Raising the Bar Over Competitors

Public Relations

From 1988 to the present, The Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University’s record of success on the North Carolina Bar Exam has been unrivaled by many other North Carolina law schools. While Campbell Law was known for its history and traditions, the school wanted to express how it was helping students prepare for the future. The school came to BAERING for a partnership that included the cultivation of a new communications strategy which prioritized social media as the primary driver for communication to new students.

BAERING proposed a cohesive social media content strategy through the law school’s social assets to build engagement and advance its enrollment and brand prominence. We created voice of brand content—consisting of news updates, pictures, event information and thought leadership commentary—to distinguish the institution as a “law school of choice.” We also partnered with the school’s social account owners to build high-quality engagement on LinkedIn and Facebook. BAERING monitored those assets to determine which posts had the greatest impact on user engagement.

Across the first month of implementation, Campbell Law School saw immediate success, including:

  • With Facebook alone, we achieved 346 total likes, which accounted for 154,743 friends of fans and a weekly total reach of 2,102 people.
  • After 13 months, the page had received 409 total likes, with nearly 200,000 friends of fans.
  • Progress continued on both Facebook and LinkedIn over the next two years, with such success stories as a Facebook post showing first-year students taking their Oath of Professionalism generating 179 Likes and the addition of 24 new followers of the Campbell Law School LinkedIn page in a single month.

Key Services

  • Social Media
  • Content Development
  • Public Relations