North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA)


Public Relations

Over the past eight years, BAERING has supported the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association (NCVMA)’s mission to promote responsible pet ownership, as well as integrity and excellence in veterinary medicine throughout the state. As part of a multichannel, thought leadership strategy, we continue to utilize advertising, media relations and social media to position NCVMA as the go-to, expert source for pet-related information.

  • Advertising – Each year, we produce and place a 30-second ad spot that is shown at several of North Carolina’s top-tier college and university sporting events, with an audience reach exceeding 60,000 per game.
  • Media Relations – To grow their equity as thought leaders across the state, we continue to create actionable strategic media campaigns that utilize the organization’s vast network of members. Much of the success with these strategies has been reliant on members being well-trained with a unified voice and message, and being willing and available to respond to media quickly. To ensure that success, we created a customized media training program for member veterinarians that prepares them to speak with authority and confidence in print and on camera. We continue to host the training annually for different veterinarians to expand NCVMA’s on-camera resources across the state.
  • Social Media – As part of a large social media intiative that included the launch of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms, a content strategy was developed and continues to be implemented through the posting of health and nutrition tips, vaccination reminders and important, urgent alerts and information for pets of all shapes, sizes, and species. These efforts have steadily increased engagement and reach  across platforms from 0 to over 6,000 pet-loving followers throughout North Carolina and beyond.

Key Services

  • Advertising
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Videography