Public Relations and SEO combine for a marketing power punch

As the digital evolution continues and businesses are having to reexamine their marketing strategies to accommodate virtual environments and contactless communication with their customers, knowing how the various facets of marketing work together is vital to brand success.

While public relations and SEO may not be the obvious perfect match – when you think of ways to improve SEO email marketing, social media and even advertising likely come to mind first, but when utilized properly, PR has tremendous impact on your company’s SEO goals and strategy.

The value that good PR provides to a brand and its SEO can prove invaluable, and there are a variety of ways your PR team can work cohesively and effectively alongside your SEO gurus.

Ways PR can improve SEO


Backlinks are like gold for search engine rankings and your publicist’s ability to get those links can have a giant impact on your ranking. The average cost of buying a backlink is $361.44, for reference if you purchased one backlink a day it’d cost you $131,965.60 per year and the average publicist makes under $70,000 per year. It’s no secret that the more links a page has, the more organic traffic the site is going to get from search engines.

If your PR team is delivering hits with reputable and key media outlets to your industry, it’s guaranteed that your SEO ranking is going to go up. Having the likes of the New York Times, your daily newspaper, or a trade publication link to your company’s website goes a long way in establishing you as a trusted brand, and most outlets are happy to link to your site – just make sure you’re not afraid to ask for the edit if the original story is published without a backlink.

Social Proof

 Research shows that social media influences 71% of buying decisions. Your company’s social channels are geared to generating awareness for your product or service, they also allow the ability for the customer to do their own research and gather unbiased opinions of your brand, complete a purchase, and allow the customer to experience your brand – even in a virtual world.

Quite simply put, social proof is the psychology of people doing what they do because of the actions of others in similar situations. It’s one of the most common ideologies and marketing and in the age of social media, it’s become that much more important for brands to consider. The greatest social proof comes in the form of other peoples’ (read trusted sources) opinions on you and your offerings.

So, PR is invaluable to social proof.

Consider this, I’m in the market for a new pair of sneakers and I’m debating between Nike and Adidas. Women’s Health runs an article singing the praises of the new Nike Air Max 270. Nike then links to the article touting their new, ultimately announcing to the world one of the most trusted media outlets in fitness says their shoe is the best, and that’s probably enough to tip the scales in Nike’s favor for a number of consumers.


 Keywords are imperative to success across every industry when it comes to SEO. But they come at a cost – sometimes a hefty one. The more popular keywords can cost up to $50 per click, making them out of reach (budget) for a lot of small to midsize companies. This is where PR can again come in handy in upping your SEO game.

After you determine your keywords, work with your PR team to have those words included in not only your native content, but also in media hits. Let’s say you’re starting a company in the highly competitive travel space, a few important keywords might be hotels, flights, and vacation, but the competition and popularity of these keywords cause them to be out of your budget, your publicist can pitch a story to the travel pubs making sure the story pitched, and spokesperson, incorporate those specific words giving you another way to get hits off words that have a direct tie to SEO, without having to dish out the dough.

When you’re planning your marketing strategy, make sure there’s a clear path for your SEO and public relations teams to collaborate with each other, because when they’re used effectively, they create a power punch for your brand unlike any other.