Q&A With Erin Smith: BAERING President

This week we took the time to sit down with our president, Erin Smith, to find out what it really looks like to lead a full-service Public Relations Agency in the Triangle. We wanted to know what the best and most challenging parts of the job entails. How does she balance it all? Read our Q&A with Erin to find out!


Q: What does an everyday look like as President of BAERING?

A: “My day involves a lot of consulting, both with clients and employees- giving advice, and a lot of problem solving. I’m 50/50 between out and about, meeting with clients and solving problems right here in the office.”


Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: “I got into PR because I wanted to solve problems – I wanted to be able to build things. My dad’s family was into construction, a bunch of engineers. I really liked being able to figure out how to put something together and fix it. My role as president allows me to do that on a whole new level, every single day! At the president level I need to solve the problems of many clients, as well as my employees. I need to be aware of the next new thing in our industry, and how we can stay competitive. I love the fact that I get to solve people’s problems all day long.”


Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?

A: “I miss doing client work as much as I used to- it’s hard. I miss the one on one with my clients instead of taking a back seat and touching it from a distance. Clients are why we do what we do, so I miss having those connections.”  


Q: How has BAERING changed during your journey here?

A: “I started at BAERING in 2010, and over the last 10 years, people see us as a completely different company now. We’ve hired an in-house graphic designer and branding services have been added. But at our core, we have always been reputation builders. We are constantly building a relationship with our public- no matter what it takes. That’s what we have done all along. We have only elaborated and diversified how we do that for our clients.”


Q: What are your goals for BAERING moving into 2020?

A: “I’m looking for us to continue to be the best partner we can be to our clients! We want to continue to serve them however they need us and be supportive despite the fast-paced changes in media right now. We are trying to create a different type of agency, we are trying to shape what that is, and make sure our employees and clients have a different experience.”


Q: What Makes BAERING Different:

A: “We are very vested in our client’s business- not our own! We work to be a partner, not a task taker. We want to advise them every step of the way. At most agencies, employees can have an intense experience. We work very hard to respect our employees non-work hours. When we are in the office, we are hardworking, creative problem solvers. When we aren’t in the office, we invest in ourselves and our community.”


Q: How would you describe the BAERING team in three words?

A: “Nice. Transparent. Problem-solvers.”


Q: What do you like to do when you aren’t being President?

A: “I love to Read, and anything that allows me to be outside- Gardening, going to a football game, or playing with my kids.”


Q: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

A: “Eating Peanut butter from a spoon.”


Q: Tacos or Hot Dogs?

A: “Gin & Tonic?”  


Erin began her career after graduating from the one and only, North Carolina State University, with a degree in Communications. She immediately began her career in the realm of public relations and invested in different experiences in Boston, Massachusetts and right here in the Triangle. Erin started at BAERING in 2010 as an account executive. Making her way up the ranks, she worked hard until she reached her goal: President. Erin has been the president of BAERING since February, 2019. She lives in Raleigh with her husband and three boys: Conner (10), Luke (6), and Christopher (4) and their Black lab, Dora. Erin met her Husband at NCSU. He is from Boston, Massachusetts so they are all naturally Red Sox and Patriots fans- but still cheer on the Carolina Hurricanes. Erin is a native North Carolinian and attended Cardinal Gibbons high school.